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Wise Warrior Botanicals

Harnessing Self Expression to Empower the Mind, Body, and Soul. Organic, Ethical, and with Customization available, you'll never have to settle for anything less then exactly... YOU.


Natural and Organic Cosmetics to Empower Your Inner Warrior.

Across many cultures, warriors of all professions have and still do adorn themselves with paints and other decorations. Whether to display their confidence of character or to harness Earth’s power and magic; face and body painting has been considered just as essential a tool on the battle field as a weapon. Inside every one of us is a Warrior. At Wise Warrior Botanicals, we feel that you are just as natural as the ground beneath your feet and should represent both equally and confidently. 

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Sustainability Principles and Practices

Wise Warrior Botanicals utilizes the highest quality organic and all natural ingredients possible, sourcing from local small retailers. For too long, the beauty industry has sacrificed the well being of it’s clientele, but we promise the health and safety of our planets and fellow warriors is the foundation to our business practices. Most of our retailers are also female owned and operated businesses to further support and empower a community whose leadership abilities are often overlooked. We truly believe that sustainability is a top to bottom issue, needed to be addressed physically in products and packaging, mentally in social practices, and emotionally in compassion.


We have never and will never test on animals. Wise Warrior Botanicals is a vegetarian company through and through. Most of our products are Vegan, excluding a few which contain beeswax.


In a effort to pay it forward, we offer a ECOWARRIOR $3 discount code for returned product containers and packaging. We can either refill the container for you, or responsibly reuse/recycle the materials. Either way you get the discount!

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