Behind Every Warrior...


A Family

My sister (Left) and mother (Right) are the foundation blocks in my support network. Raised almost entirely by my mother, my sister and I learned what it meant to be a strong, nurturing and empowered women from a early age. 

The core of a warrior is confident, collected and determined to achieve, but how is that accomplished? If you look just behind the warrior, you will often find an entire network of people that create the support system for that strength. These people are hardly ever the ones that we think of when we consider our own success, but without them where would we be? 

The importance of a solid reliable network is often underrated. We have all seen the classic version of a supportive group of friends or family depicted across different television series and movies, but the meaning can be lost in cheesy scripts and dramatic plot twists. But many of us know that reality isn't always well-timed punchlines and witty phrases designed to make you feel better. A true ally is exactly that, truthful. Life gets real, and this system, this person or group of people, are there to help you roll with the punches. They LISTEN to you when you need to be heard, ADVISE you in a thoughtful nonrestrictive manner, and will BE THERE for you in some way in whatever times of need may arise. However, they will also ENCOURAGE you when times are good, CONGRATULATE your accomplishments, and INSPIRE you to be better just because they can. Of course, people have their own lives and can't be all these things all the time, but an ally is trying to nurture that relationship reciprocally with you so it's apparent that you matter to them. 


A Partner

My beautiful partner, who believes in me, lovingly supports me, and keeps me in check. The one who tells me daily that the sky is only a limit if I want it to be. How stress free love can be when it's shared reciprocally. 

Majority of the people reading this would consider themselves a part of a supportive network, but research shows that more and more, people are turning to social media to vent their issues while being flaky is slowly emerging as the new fashionably late. Please don't get me wrong, social media is an amazing outlet for sharing, but it's the direct connection and communication  with another that makes a lasting impression on your overall morale. For those of us who feel as if there is already barely enough time for yourself, let me tell you, this is SELF CARE. Nurturing the relationships that inspire you will do amazing things for your hair, skin, nails, bags under yours eyes, mind, and soul, I promise! 

The one of the most important thing to remember is that these support systems are subject to CHANGE, just like you. I feel that it's important to recognize that the lonelier times in our lives as what they are, a shedding of old skin and a recognition of differing life paths. I feel it's valuable to say you definitely do have the tools to be everything you need for yourself, but there is no weakness is the admitting that you need people.  Whether that person is a longtime unconditional ally such as a parent, or a newer trusting relationship such as a friend or partner, cultivating a safe space to be whatever you are at the time is essential to stress free living. So while your out there being a warrior, remember strength comes in so many different forms. There is an African proverb that reads if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. So build or rebuild your village and know that with your squad of ride or die, truth talking support, you are undefeatable.  


True allies

Whether you see them everyday or once a year, you know they CARE.