The Honest Power of Laziness

Officially two weeks past the new year, I realize I am already tired. I've been battling the urge to sleep more against the want to savagely chase my dreams like the people in the shows I currently binge. My horoscopes all read how this January is a power month for me, but my experience has been the opposite. Instead, I've found myself curling up with a glass a wine a bit more often then meditating or, my new norm, working late. The more I try to be dismissive of these waves of laziness, the more I start to resent my situation, or worse, those around me. In a moment of clarity a few days ago, I realized that the answer wasn't to push through and ignore it, but to be honest with myself. I have to realize that I don't feel amazing, and that's okay.

Many of us are familiar with the fact that we are intelligent, strong, confident, determined and the list goes on, but what about when we feel less then our best?  We know we can be all the good things, but we often  ignore the less attractive elements of our basic human needs in pursuit of our dreams. At first this thought sounds strange. Of course we always want to be our best, but I think it's emotionally relevant to admit to the fact that you need down time and potentially more then just a little bit. Otherwise, resentment builds around the needs that aren't met or sometimes towards the people around you. When you really get to reflecting, you can see plenty of examples of this in your own life. 

In today's busy world, it's hard to take a day off, let alone more then one. Life is complicated and requires a lot of attention, which is why many of us somehow feel like we are failing when we show any sign of slowing down. But if we truly want to commit to loving ourselves, it means we have to give attention to all aspects. All things are on cycle. The cold hibernation of winter is just as essential as the lush vibrant spring. Like the seasons, your needs are also changing and no need is less important then the other. When you feel the call to just sit, take a bath, read a book, watch TV, or do absolutely nothing, do it, but do it guilt free. That state of mind can only become a place of power once you accept the necessity for it. 

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Hold on are you telling me to empower my laziness? Yes, I am. Of course all things in moderation, but fundamentally a shift in perspective can even make your lower days positive. Silence the devil on your shoulder telling you you aren't achieving anything and give yourself accolades for what you have done. You took a break, gave yourself some well deserved rest, and maybe even did a work related thing or two when you really didn't feel like it. That deserves a pat on the back! Look at all that you did! Just like a night when you are technically sleeping, but tossing and turning, leaving you feel drained in the morning, non-supportive thoughts during these moods can cause them to be unfulfilling and last longer. Allowing yourself to just be in this state can also act as a meditation of sorts, allowing you to identify why you feel this way and potentially make changes so this isn't a reoccurring event.

Most importantly, it's about making every place your mind, body and soul goes a place of power. So go ahead, treat yo self, you deserve it.