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The Honest Power of Laziness

Officially two weeks past the new year, I realize I am already tired. I've been battling the urge to sleep more against the want to savagely chase my dreams like the people in the shows I currently binge. My horoscopes all read how this January is a power month for me, but my experience has been the opposite. Instead, I've found myself curling up with a glass a wine a bit more often then meditating or, my new norm, working late. The more I try to be dismissive of these waves of laziness, the more I start to resent my situation, or worse, those around me. In a moment of clarity a few days ago, I realized that the answer wasn't to push through and ignore it, but to be honest with myself. I have to realize that I don't feel amazing, and that's okay.

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Behind Every Warrior...

The core of a warrior is confident, collected and determined to achieve, but how is that accomplished? If you look just behind the warrior, you will often find an entire network of people that create the support system for that strength. These people are hardly ever the ones that we think of when we consider our own success, but without them where would we be? 

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Why a Wise Warrior

These warriors that we look up to and the ones that live within us are the inspiration for this project. I feel that it is time to shamelessly express ourselves in a way that can inspire others, but also supports the symbiotic relationships we share with our planet. It's time to open up shamelessly about who we are and who we want to be while insuring others can do the same for generations. The time is now to unleash your inner warrior. Fight for love, stand for peace, protect this earth, and fearlessly express yourself. 

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