If you are interested in a custom consultation, or want to try our products in person, you can find us in the ways listed below. Confidently face any situation with a foundation created especially for you, right in front of you. Whether at the market or at your home, we promise to save your formula under your name, forever. 


Carrier Locations 

Wise Warrior Botanicals products can be found at several local markets. Check these locations to find out what cosmetic selections are available near you.


In- Home Consultation

Bring the laboratory to your home. For those a you a little too busy to make it to the market in the morning, have a wise warrior representative over to your home to create your custom formulation in your own kitchen. Custom formulas are filed under your name forever to make reorder fast and easy.


Wise Warrior Party

By far the most fun form of consultation. Invite friends over to participate workshop style to create your own custom foundation, while learning daily practices and natural skincare tips to create a more empowered environment for the skin and soul. Of course, there will be some playing with body paint. It is a party after all.