Logan Brown, founder and formulator of Wise Warrior Botanicals, began a serious examination of our relationship with the environment and ourselves while earning a Bachelor of Science at the University of Oregon in Environmental Studies. During her research, she found a deep personal connection to herbal plant medicine and other natural alternatives through an Herbalist apprenticeship with herbalist and retired midwife Daphne Singingtree. One special observation that she has always remembered clearly is the unique appearances, colors, and shapes that each plant takes on and how they indicate health or change. She was inspired by the idea that every living thing uses color to express itself, but what if even humans used their chosen colors and decoration to heal themselves, or at least be in better balance with Nature while doing it? So she set off to create a new cosmetic and body paint company that is balanced with nature and customized, so every human plant in the global garden can be represented in exactly the way it wants and needs. 


Inspired by Earth and the most natural part of it... you. 


With compiled lessons from plants and mentors, the Wise Warrior message is a simple one. Root deep, connect with the earth, do what you can for your neighbors, take care of yourself and stand tall in all of your colors in all of your seasons. Live like a plant and recognize the warrior in you. 

Although all warriors, we realize that each of us is incredibly unique and believe that your chosen war paint should reflect that. With custom consultation available, you have the ability to get exactly what you need out of your cosmetics, such as a distinct tone or specific skin characteristic. Whether customized or from our products in stock, our hope is to provide cosmetics that will help maintain a healthy, stable environment for your skin, because we believe that your cosmetics should empower you, on and off. 

Wise Warrior Botanicals guarantees that every single part of our products is either organic or naturally sourced when organic is unavailable. Even the few materials that are synthesized in a lab are plant or mineral derived and ethically processed. All ingredients have been sourced from within Oregon or the Pacific Northwest. Every product is packaged in glass or recycled plastic, making them recyclable or refillable. Our products are guaranteed animal testing free and only contain beeswax, making them vegetarian friendly. Partnering sustainability, personal health and self expression so you can be the wisest warrior possible.