Biodegradable Glitter

Biodegradable Glitter


Finally! A safe and sustainable way to truly sparkle like the earth conscious warrior you are! These little gems are made from plant cellulose and pigments to create a vibrant, yet soft particle that really feels lightweight and gentle on the skin. Embrace shining sparkle energy of the sea with Atlantis, an electric teal blue hue or rise from the depths with Neptune, a more cobalt Blue. Fly through cosmic sparkle vibes with Dragonfly, a multi-color mix of purple, deep blue and magenta. embrace and unleash your inner love goddess with the electric hot pink Venus. Of course, we can’t pass up the opportunity to go full glam with the regal, Pure Gold, but if your extra and you know it, try the rose gold which features a touch of pink. The glitter adheres fairly well to dry skin and even better to an oily complexion, but pair this product with any of our other products for a flashy fierce look anytime. However, we recommend utilizing either the setting spray, cream body paint, or moisturizer to set your look for a longer wear.

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Ingredients: Plant Cellulose (72%), Glycerin, plant-derived (11%), Aqua, Urea, Styrene/Acrylates copolymer, pigments (<3%).

  • Marine and waste water BIODEGRADABLE!
  • Certified home compostable
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Cosmetic quality
  • Vegan friendly, cruelty free
  • 30-40% softer than conventional plastic glitter
  • Biodegrades in 90 days