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Give your skin the gift of a sun kissed look anytime of the year with our newest addition to the Wise Warrior line. This Bronzer is made with a simple, silky, lightweight formula that is packed with sparkles and rich pigments that work with your skin tone, making your new tan a more natural hue for you. Apply with a big soft brush to highest points of the face and collar bone to highlight while creating a warm glow to your overall look. Enjoy this product in either compact or loose powder form. We suggest pairing this product with our gold cream body paint for a ravishingly beautiful sun inspired vibe.

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Contains: Arrowroot Powder*, Kaolin Clay**, Serecite**, Colorant Blend ( Annato Root Powder*, Iron Oxides**, Mica Pigment) Apricot Kernel Oil*, Titanium Dioxide**, Magnesium Stearate**, Jojoba Oil*, Vitamin E*, Penny Royal Essential Oil*, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil*

Organic*          Pure & Natural**          Safe plant or mineral derived synthetic

This product is VEGAN.