Concealer & Contour Stick

Concealer & Contour Stick


This ultra- portable concealer provides excellent coverage and blends well no matter where you put it. Velvety smooth and lightweight, you'll forget you have it on and be happily surprised when its still right where you left it after a long day. Made up of organic ingredients that wont clog pores, but help cleanse and moisturize your skin, so you can self- express and self-care, all at the same time. Whether to highlight or smooth the complexion, this concealer is a wise choice for your arsenal. We make this product in several tones of nude so one person's contour may be another's concealer. We find labels limiting, so feel free to mix and match as necessary. 


Not seeing the right color or have specific requests (allergies, etc.) ? Contact us for a custom consultation, here.

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Contains: Jojoba Oil*, Kaolin Clay**, Grapeseed Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Cocoa Butter*, Candelilla Wax**, Titanium Dioxide**, Foundation Blend (Brown Iron Oxide, Terracotta Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide), Carnauba Wax**, Magnesium Stearate**, Vitamin E**, Witchhazel* 

Organic*       Pure and Natural**         Safe plant or mineral derived synthetic

This product is VEGAN.