ConfiScents Aromatherapy Sprayer

ConfiScents Aromatherapy Sprayer


A tiny little pocket size ally that packs a big confidence boost. This mini spritzer is formulated with locally sourced organic essential oils to help ground, balance, and inspire you. Spray into the palms and inhale deeply several times just before or during a new experience (job interview, big test, first date….) or anytime you need a little spirit lift. Made with a subtle infusion designed to be enjoyed by the wearer and no one else making this spritzer sensitive smell environment safe.

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Contains: Distilled Water**, Glycerin*, Cedarwood essential Oil*, Spruce Essential Oil*, Carrot Seed Essential Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil*, Cajeput Essential Oil*, Holy Basil essential Oil*

Organic*          Pure & Natural**          Safe plant or mineral derived synthetic