Deluxe Gift Boxes

Deluxe Gift Boxes

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Give the gift that tells them to be themselves proudly, wisely, and naturally with our Special Edition Deluxe Gift Boxes! These boxes have each been lovingly refurbished by hand to create a lasting keepsake and beautiful makeup organizer that will be a favorite stand out on any vanity. Each gift box contains a selection of our luxurious handmade organic products, which not only make you look flawless, but also contain skin and spirit nourishing properties designed to illuminate the natural you.

The uniqueness of each box makes replication incredibly difficult and there is only ONE of each, so stay on top of the game and order early!

Available Boxes:

1.Royal Gold

A small rich purple velvet box that’s fit for royalty and filled with some of our favorite gold products, cause your worth it your highness! Includes Top-Brass Beige Liquid Lipstick, Groundbreaking Gold Body Paint, Sunset Orange/Last Rays Gold Eye shadow and a complimentary Setting Powder.

2. Powder Paint Deluxe

This unique wooden chest lined with black and red velvet holds unlimited creative potential for the novice or professional body painter. Just use this set like watercolors and enjoy a visually stunning, naturally pigmented array of possibilities. Includes a Complete Set of Powder Body Paints and Setting Spray for longevity.

3. Eye Reign Deluxe

All the tools needed to let the eyes do the the talking arranged in a small ornate wooden chest lined in purple velvet. This set is designed to cover all the eye basics while allowing for a variety of combinations to please even the more advanced makeup artist. Includes Brave Black Mascara, Bold Black Liquid Eyeliner, Bravado Brown Eyeliner, Raw Gold Eye Shadow and Midnight Black/Moonlight Silver Eye Shadow.

4. Watch My Mouth Deluxe

A set for those who love a powerful lip that is designed with a rich nourishing formula to keep your lips looking marvelous at all times. This set includes a selection of color to express the many moods of you; arranged in a hand-painted, black velvet lined box. Includes Boss Brown Liquid Lipstick, Revolutionary Red Liquid Lipstick, Empower Plum Liquid Lipstick and Top-Brass Beige Liquid Lipstick.

5. Flawless Contour Deluxe

This lavish maroon velvet box is perfect for the person in your life with interest in expanding their makeup horizons. Complete with all the tools needed to shape-shift and shade your way into the most empowered form of you. Includes Unique Ultralight Concealer, Leading Light Concealer, Manifest Medium Concealer, Undaunted Dark Concealer, Compact Bronzer and Setting Spray.

6. True Colors Deluxe

Packed into a silk-lined faux snake skin box, this set is almost as versatile as the colors within. The collection is designed for those that occasionally add a little touch of color in the lip or cheek. Includes Revolutionary Red Liquid Lipstick, Prestigious Purple Lipstick, Boss brown Lipstick, Talented Terracotta and Blush Powder.

7. Essentials Deluxe

This special box set features the essentials for a complete makeup look. Curated for the novice and more advanced alike to have all the basic plus a few extras looking splendid on your vanity in a beaded in jeweled mirrored box. Includes Admiral Ash Foundation Powder, Setting Powder, Bonafide Bronzer Powder, Unique Ultralight Concealer Stick, Leading Light Concealer Stick, Positive Peach Blush Powder, Boundless Burgundy Blush Powder, groundbreaking gold Body Paint and Setting Spray.

8. Paint Supreme

A truly limitless bounty of all our body paint options so any artist can create, blend, and be inspired in a multitude of ways, packed into a unique, two level, red velvet lined wooden chest. This box is curated to provide a complete and portable body paint kit for any performance artist, theater actor, novice or child. Includes a Full set of Cream Body Paints, Seven Powder Body Paints, Setting Powder and Setting Spray

9. Eye Reign Supreme

A silk lined, two tier clasping box that unlocks all the wisdom of the eye. Give the gift that make puts all the eye has in store right at their finger tips. Includes Brave Black Mascara,Bold Black Eyeliner, Eye shadow Makeup Brush, Complete Selection of All Eight Eye Shadows.

10. Lip Lover Supreme

A set geared to wordless let your lips communicate any mood while adding to the natural glow of your face. Gift this beautiful silk-lined velvet box to a true lip lover in your life. Includes Revolutionary red liquid Lipstick, Proud Pink Lipstick, Prestigious Purple Lipstick, Boss Brown Lipstick, Empower Plum Lipstick, Bonafide Bronzer Powder and Unique Ultralight Concealer.

11. Flawless Contour and Color Correction Supreme

Achieve a flawless, limitless complexion with a set designed to include ALL of our highly pigmented color correction and contour tools. The products in this box are formulated to improve overall skin health while blending seamlessly with the skin to provide an incredibly lightweight. high drama look. Endlessly shape shift and highlight to the hearts content with this special box. Includes Outstanding Oak Liquid Foundation, Perceptive Pine Liquid Foundation, Unique Ultralight Concealer Stick, Leading Light Concealer Stick, Manifest Medium Concealer Stick, Undaunted Dark Concealer Stick, High-Class Highlight Concealer Stick, Setting Powder, Perceptive Pine Compact Foundation and Setting Spray.

12. Full Monty Supreme

A truly supreme set featuring a selection of all our offerings. This box is designed to be everything you need for a wide range of makeup looks and empowerment practice for all levels of interest. Packed into a hand painted, black velvet lined box that is a sleek edition to any vanity. Includes Setting Powder, Admirable ash Liquid Foundation, Meaningful Maple Compact Powder, Fearless Fuchsia Compact Blush, Boundless Burgundy Blush Powder, Bonafide Bronzer Powder, Boss brown Lipstick, Courageous coral Liquid Lipstick, Empower Plum Liquid Lipstick, Sand Dunes Beige Eye shadow, Redwood Brown/Evergreen Olive Eye shadow, Brave Black Mascara, and Bold Black Liquid Eyeliner.

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