Hearrings Earplugs

Hearrings Earplugs


Earplug earrings you'll never lose! Handmade in Portland, OR with American made gold-filled brass that won't tarnish, even in water. They filter out 27 decibels of sound to stylishly protect your hearing from the damaging waves, while allowing you to still hear music and speech clearly. Your Hearrings also come with a clip on, waterproof, metal storage case.

Available in three styles:

  • Classic Gold - gold filled brass, for pierced ears

  • Silver- hypoallergenic 316 stainless steel, for sensitive pierced ears

  • Gold Screw-On - adjustable gold filled brass, for non-pierced ears of all sizes and shapes

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Made by another Female Owned and Operated Small Business

Started by a nurse who realized there was a more convenient and stylish way to wear earplugs

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