Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation


A nourishing foundation ideal for those with normal to dry skin or simply prefer a little more coverage. Made with only organic, light- weight ingredients and natural pigments that seamlessly blend with your skin tone to leave you looking even, moisturized and radiant. This foundation is versatile for any occasion or time of day by itself or pair with concealer, contour stick or pow(d)er foundation to create unique looks. With added essential oils to calm anxiety and boost confidence, nothing can hold you and your skin back.

 Willpower Walnut ~ Our darkest formulated shade, designed for dark chocolate to ebony wood skin tones or those with very dark undertones.

Persistent Pecan ~ One step lighter then the darkest shade, designed for those with a milk chocolate skin tone or those with darker undertones.

Compassionate Cherry ~ A medium brown shade designed for those with a dark complexion, but a more olive or neutral undertone.

Motivated Mahogany ~ A medium brown shade with a more coppery backing. Ideal for those with a dark to medium undertone or medium dark with redder undertones, but appear more bronze then dark.

Centered Cedar ~ A light brown shade with olive to neutral undertones.

Boundless Birch ~ A coppery tan shade designed for those with neutral to medium red beige undertones.

Meaningful Maple~ A light shade designed for those who have a subtle tan to red undertone or those who fluctuate from fair to light complexion.

Admirable Ash ~ A light shade designed for those who have a warmer yellow undertone.

Ambitious Alder ~ A light shade designed for those who have a olive to neutral skin tones.

Tenacious Teak ~ Our lightest shade designed for the fairest of complexions. Formulated with extra SPF protection.

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Contains: Distilled Water**, Grapeseed Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Titanium Dioxide**, Foundation Blend (Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Brown Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Black Iron Oxide) Olivem 1000 (Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate) Arrowroot Powder*, Glycerin*, Cetearyl Alcohol, Witch hazel Extract* (Witch hazel*, Alcohol*) Irish Moss Powder*  Vitamin E**, Cedar Wood essential Oil*

Organic*      Pure & Natural**        Safe plant or mineral derived synthetic

This product is VEGAN,