Powder Body Paint

Powder Body Paint


The powder style allows for a lighter weight look and feel while still remaining opaque. With organically sourced ingredients and natural pigments, this paint provides a clean even coverage that is safe for both adults and children.  Just use a water to dampen brush or sponge similar to water color painting. We suggest using a setting spray or powder if using for long wear or professional use. 

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Contains: Colorant (Annato Root*, Beet Root Powder*,  Activated Charcoal*, Red Iron Oxide, Blue Ultramarine Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Turmeric Root Powder*, Violet Iron Oxide, Green Iron Oxide) Arrowroot Powder*, Serecite**, Zinc Oxide, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Titanium Dioxide**, Magnesium Stearate**

Organic*       Pure & Natural**     Safe plant or Mineral derived Synthetic

This product is VEGAN.