Pow(d)er Foundation

Pow(d)er Foundation


This powder foundation is built on clay and abundant minerals, like the ground beneath your feet. Ground your look with a foundation which provides a stable layer that evens complexion, while earth based pigments match your skin tone letting you naturally shine through. Layer once, a few times or pair with concealer and liquid foundation to achieve whatever look you love. With a few drops of essential oil to inspire confidence and grounding, you can let your skin be your source of power.

Willpower Walnut ~ Our darkest formulated shade, designed for dark chocolate to ebony wood skin tones or those with very dark undertones.

Persistent Pecan ~ One step lighter then the darkest shade, designed for those with a milk chocolate skin tone or those with darker undertones.

Compassionate Cherry ~ A medium brown shade designed for those with a dark complexion, but a more olive or neutral undertone. (Not pictured)

Motivated Mahogany ~ A medium brown shade with a more coppery backing. Ideal for those with a dark to medium undertone or medium dark with redder undertones, but appear more bronze then dark.

Centered Cedar ~ A light brown shade with olive to neutral undertones.

Boundless Birch ~ A coppery tan shade designed for those with neutral to medium red beige undertones.

Meaningful Maple~ A light shade designed for those who have a subtle tan to red undertone or those who fluctuate from fair to light complexion.

Admirable Ash ~ A light shade designed for those who have a warmer yellow undertone.

Ambitious Alder ~ A light shade designed for those who have a olive to neutral skintones.

Tenacious Teak ~ Our lightest shade designed for the fairest of complexions. Formulated with extra SPF protection.


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Contains: Kaolin Clay**, Serecite** Foundation Blend (Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Brown Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide, Blue Ultramarine Iron oxide, Zinc Oxide) Magnesium Stearate**, Calendula Oil*, Carrot Seed Essential Oil*, Holy Basil Essential Oil*

Organic*       Pure & Natural**        Safe plant or mineral derived synthetic

This product is VEGAN.