Sorceress Serum

Sorceress Serum

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The Sorceress Serum is a unique blend of all organic oils and herbs created using wisdom from an array of ancestral heritage spanning from North and South America, the Pacific Islands and Africa. Formulated to magically provide deep hydration and revitalization, reduce redness, smooth fine lines, and balance the natural oils of the skin while remaining incredibly lightweight. While still new, this serum is already one of our WWB tribe favorites! Some experience noticeable differences in the complexion and overall health of the skin in as little as 2-3 applications.

Apply a few (4-5) drops of sorceress serum onto clean skin up to twice daily. Massage into skin using upward circular motions. Some find that this is moisturizing enough and leave it at that, but if necessary apply a lightweight sunscreen, moisturizer or night cream.

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Contains : Kukui Nut Oil*, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil* (infused with Comfrey Root*, Comfrey Leaf*, Calendula*, Plantain*) Grapeseed Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Calendula Oil*, Vitamin E**, Carrot Seed Oil* Honey Extract* Magnesium Oil*, Silk Amino Acids**, Rosemary antioxidant*