Wise Warrior Custo(w)ize Party

A fun, unique opportunity for you and a group of friends to truly love the skin your in. Our formulator comes equipped with everything you need to put the power into your own hands. Create your own custom color while sipping on a beverage and discussing tips on the better plants and practices for all types of people. While there will be plenty of informative information on how to empower your skin, this is also a great time to just play dress-up with samples of the full Wise Warrior Botanical Cosmetic and Body Paint line. Parties can be anywhere from two to three hours or more long depending on the number of warriors in attendance. The current rate for a Custo(w)ize Party is 45/person. This price includes, beverages and some light snacks, custom powder foundation for you and all your guests, as well as a additional gift for the host. Please fill in the form below with some details about yourself, the size of your group, any special requests (allergies, vegan, alcohol-free, etc.), or if you have any questions.Because there's never a bad time to party wise.


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